Get peace of mind knowing that your emails are inboxed!


  • Easy set-up πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
  • Dashboard access πŸ”‘
  • Extensive reporting πŸ“Š
SMTP Mailtinni

Easy scalable SMTP, fast integration and amazing support



BDAC28E4-31E6-4FCC-BA1C-0758F5BF31D1Lightspeed delivery & skyrocket delivery rate

Start sending right away and scale up to 10+ million emails per month with no worries using our robust infrastructure. Deliver to any inbox.


Bounce & IP reputation monitoring

Keep your bounce rate under control with our notification system. Always be up to date with your IP health. Partner with our specialists for the best results.


Dedicated deliverability team
Reach out to our deliverability team for a dive and custom tailored configuration. We are all here to help you achieve your goals!


Easy to integrate. Ready, set, go!



SMTP connection Mailtinni
Connect our SMTP system to your desired front-end without any effort and enjoy the ride.
 Seamless and flexible integration πŸš€
 You have full control: choose the classic user & password path or go full speed with our API.

We promise it will be fantastic!

Mailtinni SMTP analytics

With data, it's easier to make your business successful


  • Easy access to bounce data and delivery rates through dashboard
  • Extensive analytics and reporting to help you focus on what’s really important
Mailtinni SMTP dashboard

360 all-in-one dashboard

The Mailtinni dashboard brings the most important operational data in one place. Managing your domains, upgrading your account, adding extra domains and IPs or handling your billing details was never easier. 
In the dashboard, we provide insights enabling decisions that will move your business forward. All your email statistics, deliverability results, and various reports are just one click away.

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