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Cracking the code: how SMTP ensures high deliverability

Email marketing is a powerful instrument for businesses to connect with their target market, but its success depends on one key element: email deliverability. The Holy Grail of marketing in the modern day is getting your emails to the recipient's mailbox.

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But how does it operate? What research has been done on email deliverability? Enter SMTP, the unsung hero of email marketing.

We'll explore the science of email deliverability in this blog article, as well as how SMTP is essential to guaranteeing that your emails go to the right people.


What SMTP means and its role

First things first, let's decode the acronym. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is known as SMTP. It manages the email transfer from the sender to the recipient's email server, serving as the equivalent of the postal service in the digital age.

The importance of SMTP in email delivery cannot be overstated, it is pivotal for your success. This is how it unfolds:

email authentication Mailtinni

1. Authenticating the sender

Verifying the sender's reliability is one of the core components of email deliverability. This method heavily relies on SMTP. The SMTP server authenticates the message as you send it. Your email's authenticity is demonstrated by this authentication, which works like a digital signature. It assists email service providers in differentiating spammers from authentic senders.

2. Routing the email

The SMTP routes your email to its intended recipient. Your message is sent to your SMTP server when you press the "send" button on your email client or marketing automation platform. The email is subsequently forwarded to the recipient's email server by this server. Mailtinni makes sure the email passes down the right route and gets to the recipient's inbox.

email bounce

3. Handling errors and bounces

Not all emails effectively reach the individual they were intended for. Some people could run through difficulties along the way, causing bounces or errors. These scenarios can be easily managed with Mailtinni. Any issues with email delivery are communicated to the sender via error messages and notifications. For email deliverability to be improved, this feedback loop is important.

4. Preventing spam

When it comes to fighting spam, email providers are very cautious. They use sophisticated filters and algorithms to prevent spam emails from reaching their consumers' inboxes. SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), two SMTP authentication technologies, assist email providers in identifying reliable senders, lowering the chance that your emails are going to end up in the spam folder.


Let's examine the science behind email deliverability now that we have an understanding of how the SMTP works.


The Inbox vs. the Spam Folder

The success of your email campaign is dependent upon whether it reaches the recipient's inbox or the dreaded spam folder. This result is impacted by a number of variables, all of which are intimately related to the functionality of the SMTP:

SMTP Mailtinni email

1. Authentication

As previously stated, SMTP helps with the email sender authentication. Just as your ID is confirmed as you enter a secure facility, same happens when your email goes via the SMTP server. Email servers attach higher levels of trust in verified senders than in anonymous or untrusted ones.

2. Content filtering

The quality and relevancy of emails are assessed via content filtering, which is performed by email providers. Although SMTP does not directly control content filtering, it does have an impact on it. An email provider's perception of the sender's reliability may change as a result of the authentication and routing capabilities provided by the SMTP.

3. Bounce handling

SMTP plays a crucial role in bounce handling. Bounced emails are frequently the result of issues like an incorrect recipient address or a full inbox. The sender is instantly informed of these problems by our team, allowing businesses to remove those from their email list while improving their sender reputation.

4. IP reputation

IP addresses are assigned to SMTP servers. Based on the sending practises, the IP addresses acquire the reputation. An IP address may be blacklisted if it regularly sends spam or engages in questionable behaviour. Email deliverability could possibly be negatively impacted by this.


The impact of Mailtinni’s services on deliverability


1. High deliverability

High deliverability is enhanced by Mailtinni's routing options and authentication methods. Your emails have a better chance of making it to the inbox if they are sent using a reliable SMTP server. This is essential for effective email marketing since inbox-based messages are more likely to be opened and acted upon.

    • Why is email deliverability important?

A high level of email deliverability is critical to the success of your email marketing campaigns. You will be unable to engage with your subscribers, build relationships, or drive conversions if your emails do not reach their inboxes. Furthermore, if a large number of your emails are marked as spam, your sender reputation will suffer, and you may be blocked by email providers.

reduce bounce rate

2. Reduced bounce rates

You can maintain a clean and updated email list by using Mailtinni's capability for bounce handling. The SMTP makes sure that you are not sending emails to incorrect or non-existent addresses by quickly identifying and addressing bounce issues. This increases deliverability and prevents you from wasting resources on emailing to contacts which are silent.

3. Enhanced sender reputation

A good sender reputation is made easier if you follow recommended practises and keep your sending history clear. In the world of email marketing, having a solid sender reputation is an indispensable asset. When you do this your emails are more likely to be accepted and delivered to the inbox as opposed to being marked as spam.


Wrapping Up


     Understanding the science behind email deliverability is of the utmost importance for email marketers despite the fact that it is a complex and evolving field.

     You can significantly improve your email deliverability by making sure that your emails go through a reliable SMTP server, like the one provided by Mailtinni, and by adhering to the  best practices. This increases your chances of engagement and conversions because more of your emails will arrive in the inboxes of your targeted recipients.

     The next time you push "send" on your email marketing campaign, keep in mind that we are actively working behind the scenes to ensure your messages land where they belong—in the recipient's inbox, ready to make an impact.